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Late Victorian Hey Day

The 1871 Census return for Alexandra House gives us an idea of the state of the business. Apart from William Orchard, the founder, described as a Master Grocer, and his wife Mary, also living on the premises were his son, William Thomas, (postmaster), a grocer's assistant, a telegraph clerk, a baker, a general servant and a domestic servant.

1871 Alexander House.jpg

1871 Census return for Alexandra House.

The shop obtained a licence to sell wine, spirits and beer. Various types of drink were bottled on the premises. Around this time the family were also acting as coal merchants and house letting agents.

Stoneware bottle.

Bottle label.


Orchard &Son became agents of Capital and Counties Bank, later part of Lloyds Bank.

Capital and Counties Bank Book.jpg

Capital and Counties cheque book

Entrance to Lloyds Bank, formerly Capital and Counties

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