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Who's who?
Will (1872-1964) and Fred Orchard (1874-1928) 
"We became the original Orchard Brothers when we took over the business from our father in 1908."
Will, Fred, Tom, Richard and Harry.jpg

Will,(right) and Fred

I am William Orchard, known to the family as Will, and the third generation to work in the family business. I am the eldest of five sons and the first to enter the business at the age of fifteen, as you can read in Memories of the Post Office.

From telegram boy I worked my way up to eventually become sub-postmaster, a post I held until I retired aged 82! I was very interested in the early air-mail service and enjoyed collecting "first day covers" from the inaugural flights and corresponding with other collectors. Read more about my life in the post office in my memoirs.

Uncle Will 2.jpg

I am Fred Orchard, second of five sons. With my brother Will we became the original Orchard Brothers when we  took over the business from our father in 1908, the third generation to run the shop. I run the grocery side of the business while Will runs the post office and house-letting agency.

I am a keen point-to-point rider when I have time away from running the business and spending time with my wife , four daughters and son.

Fred with his wife Edith and the three youngest of their five children.

Edith, Fred, Phyl, Mary and Richard Orchard.jpg
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